Turning out a Pig TS Bambi Seduces the Creepy Coach at the Reunion


The Class of 2008 Reunion is full of graduates, most looking the same but some looking totally different….Coach Red looks as he always did with his thick biceps and wrinkle-free dress khakis. He’s also doing what he has always done – yelling football stories and not so subtly eying the ass of every girl who walks by him to get to the punch. It’s a party like all others in the gym except this graduation class has one woman with a revenge plan waiting in the dark wings for the right to time to pounce. Finally, Bambi crosses the room in her jaw-dropping red dress and within two minutes Coach Red has fallen for her seduction. Upstairs, with his cock out and his neck and arms tied up in inescapable bondage, Bambi reveals who she really is and makes the coach suck her cock or she will call up the entire graduating class to see him exposed in his office, tied up and horny. She doesn’t stop with just a simple blowjob – Bambi has waited years to get back at the creepy coach and she plans to take her time fucking him and using his very own masturbation toys