Double Dipping – Rebecca Vanguard, Eva Maxim, Janie Blade


Rebecca Vanguard is working up the courage to break up with her current trans girlfriend, Janie Blade, since she”s met ANOTHER trans woman that she ALSO likes: Eva Maxim. Rebecca invites Janie over to her home so that she can finally break the news to her. But when Janie arrives, Rebecca is surprised to see that Janie has brought her a gift!
Rebecca is taken aback by Janie”s thoughtfulness, causing her to reconsider her decision entirely. Maybe she should end things with Eva instead? But speak of the devil: Eva suddenly starts knocking at the front door. Oh no! She”s an hour early! Rebecca urges Janie to stay in the bedroom as she goes to speak with Eva at the front entrance, who ALSO brought her a gift! What are the odds?
What follows is a hilarious yet sensual sequence as Rebecca jumps from room to room, trying to make each of her girlfriends feel special and comfortable. But this charade can”t last forever, and at one point, the two girlfriends discover each other”s presence, and they are SERIOUSLY ticked off. Luckily for Rebecca, however, Janie and Eva agree that the best punishment for double dipping… is a steamy threesome!

Pornstar: Eva Maxim