Emma Rose & Jewelz Blu – The Yoga Instructor


Emma Rose, a yoga instructor, greets her students and begins class with a calming ‘namaste’. Joining her today are her pupils Bailee Paris, Yulia Masakowa, Vanessa Vega, and Jewelz Blu. As the class gets into downward dog, Emma moves behind Jewelz and adjusts her position. As she does, Jewelz is pleasantly shocked to feel Emma’s bulge pressing against her ass.

As Emma guides the class through more movements, she stays right behind Jewelz, feeling her ass and legs while ‘guiding’ her. Jewelz is getting very turned on, and so is Emma. When the class moves into mountain pose, Emma pulls Jewelz’s leggings down and starts to eat her out, all while the rest of the class breathes in and out with their eyes closed.

With the rest of her students deep in meditation, Emma decides there’s no time like the present, and whips out her hard cock to fuck Jewelz from behind. Emma tries her best to continue leading the class, but Jewelz is giving her way too much pleasure and before long, this yoga instructor can do nothing but enjoy the ride- but will her other students catch on?

Pornstar: Emma Rose