Natalie Mars, Emily Willis, Fairest Of Them All – Part 1


Natalie Mars, Emily Willis, Fairest Of Them All - Part 1

The Queen (Natalie Mars) is enraged when she one day learns from her magic mirror that she is no longer the fairest in the land. It seems as though a new challenger has appeared: Snow White (Emily Willis). But the Queen is NOT about to lose EVERYTHING to some peasant, so it’s time to get to work…
Snow White is living a glorious, magical life of her own, where she has won the affections of a handsome prince. As she cleans her humble home, she daydreams about him and the next time they should meet. But her daydreams are interrupted as she receives an unexpected visit from the Queen.
Since she’s not familiar with the Queen, who comes in disguise, she has no reason to suspect anything’s amiss. As the Queen claims she’s from the castle and has come with a gift from the Prince, Snow White is happy to let her inside. When the gift is revealed to be a stunning corset, she is thrilled. It’s such a sexy gift, which surely means good things for her relationship with the Prince! It’s just that she’s never worn one before and has no idea how to put one on.The Queen smiles as she offers her help and, although she’s a bit shy, Snow White accepts. As each article of clothing is slowly peeled from Snow White’s body and the corset is cinched, sexual tension builds, which catches sweet, innocent Snow White off guard. Little does she know, every single touch is orchestrated by the Queen with a means to an end.
Soon, Snow White is no longer thinking about the Prince but the Queen instead! It isn’t long before even the corset is stripped away so that their naked bodies can be pressed close. But as Snow White experiences unimaginable pleasure, the Queen has one final gift for her…

Pornstar: Natalie Mars